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the main objective was to represent the region on international arena also was to help and to support to the women who are willing to set up their own job.

At the beginning we were just five women myself Ferda Cemilbasha, Triska Elasadi,Suzan Arif,Jiyan Gerdi and Mrs Feyruz afterwards with another participations we have reached to 48 women

the reasons I have mentioned above and further,we aimed to gather the women in an association and to strengthen their relation each other economically and to solve their organization and networking problems on private sector.

so far we believe in achieving so many  that we have participated many international forums and conferences in Qatar,Lebanon,Jordan and especially in Turkey, we have signed several contracts and also shared mutually possibilities of both sides in the countries. We organize a monthly seminars on trade  law, stock exchange and a like. We have a center open to all women who want to set up their own business ,some of them use this center as their own offices, so one of our goals is to coach to the business women on progressing business segments and to strength the solidarity between each other.

I was not so far a way to this region actually I visited several times to this region and decided to move here and share my experience with local people.

I moved Erbil by 2003 when I came here there was no any women existence on Construction Sector but in politics and state departments.

First of all, to stand on my foot and to survive ,to win and to decide on my own to live on better life conditions with my family members. .Including to be successful with my skills and to be creative and to reach my economic freedom.

we have already set up a great communication system between women with our center which provides offices, internet, mutual solidarity with other global institutions . We have many joint ventures companies here by participating from other countries. We have participated several international conferences and facilitated to the meeting of our business women with their counterparts in another countries, this kind of activities are the main achievements of the KRG

If the woman have an economic freedom this means the woman is having own freedom in her life. During war in Kurdistan , men and women fought together, this might be the same at the peace too. If the women is actively getting their own role in business life this is the significant indications of our civilization and wealth, I belive that this direction is the healthiest way to set up a true future.

we have many investments but there is no any export  yet.

of course It helps. background and education , self confidence and support of the family are the main factors to be successful business woman.

The opening of the center